World's Best Honeymoon Destinations

Best Honeymoon Destinations

Once you're ready to tie the knots, you must also be planning and start dreaming about your romantic honeymoon. Luxury resorts, breath-taking blue water sea, beautiful beaches; with a spectacular range of honeymoon destinations to ponder, it can be confusing to select where to go, So we've rounded up the top most honeymoon destinations all over the world. Book an Adventurous Honeymoon packages online in Sri-Lanka and add an exciting element to your honeymoon.

The magnificent blue waters of the Maldives, immaculate white sandy beaches and an abundance of spectacular seaside resorts end up making it a one of the finest destinations for honeymoon couples from all across the world. Immersed in the year-round sunlight and featuring most of the beautiful beaches in the world, Maldives is well-suited for a honeymoon. There are so many luxurious resorts and hotels providing honeymoon packages that include extravagant amenities such as spa services and romantic dining. Snorkeling, sea kayaking, Island hopping, cruise boat ride, are some of the unique draws for couples in the Maldives.

Summer season, from December to April, is the perfect time to have a honeymoon in the Maldives. This is the moment when the island witness dry conditions with either little to no rainfall. This makes it a great time to enjoy the holidays in the islands, and it's normally packed with visitors every year during these months.

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Dubai is often said to be a city of dreams with its multitude of options that it provides to any form of the visitor, whether it be shopping, food or entertainment. Since you're so spoiled with options in this beautiful city, it's really going to be a little busy honeymoon for you.

There are a plethora of options for young couples to experience in or around the city, such as the Dubai fountain, Palm Islands, Dubai Mall, Underwater Zoo and much more. Skydive from the top of Burj Khalifa with your partner, enjoy camel riding and desert safari, or try water sports if you're an adventurous couple. Stay in a luxury resort and have a relaxing romantic weekend, opt for a water tour and visit cultural and heritage places. In reality, Dubai as a city is a paradise for honeymooners. Considering all your desires in mind, no wonder this city is one of the finest honeymoon destinations.

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With a fantastic climate all year round, Singapore is one of the most outstanding holiday destinations, whether it's a family vacation or a romantic honeymoon. The honeymoon period is the truly memorable time of a newlywed -all about making everlasting memories. With culturally varied communities and a variety of luscious food to experience, this island nation is a surrealistic destination for honeymooning couples to visit.

From enjoying life at Sentosa Island, wooing on the beaches, partying and enjoying the nightclubs to a perfect dinner date at heights, Singapore's honeymoon has a bit more to it for every couple. Spectacular waterfront views, outdoor sports, cuisine and luxury accommodation, inspire visitors to enjoy quality time with their loved ones and make them appreciate the experience. From magical sunsets on the beautiful beaches to its most unique celebrations of the year, Singapore is also an unforgettable honeymoon destination providing the perfect excuse to plan your honeymoon.

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Embrace your inner serenity with a honeymoon to exquisite Bali. This famous Indonesian island is visually spectacular lined with lush green paddy fields, dense rainforests and flanked by pristine beaches. Among the most luxurious destinations in the world, a holiday here would be as active or relaxing as you want – stretch out on comforting lounge chairs, either engage in a soothing couple's massage, or borrow a scooter to drive all around the island and explore much of its treasures. From gritty coffee farms to historic temples and yoga retreats, there's a lot to endure in this culturally profound city.

With its mild tropical climate, captivating culture and spectacular scenery, Bali has become a popular tourist attraction. However, considering the huge number of visitors, Bali really hasn't lost its beauty and charm. Bali has a lot to give particularly to the honeymooners and young couples. The warmer months of July and August and the Christmas holidays are the peak months in Bali.

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Every newly married couple dreams of a romantic honeymoon with their loved one! Mauritius is one such dream destination with its beautiful white sand beaches, lush green forests, mountainous regions and sparkling blue waters. Mauritius is a tropical island and you will enjoy it whether you're a nature lover or an adventure seeker.

Mauritius is for all of us! Specifically, if both of you are adventure junkies, this really is the spot to be. There are plenty of water sports you can choose from like jet-skiing, parasailing banana boat trips, sky diving, snorkeling, deep sea diving etc. However, it may also serve as a wonderful destination to rest and take a break from the hustle bustle of living. Sit back on the white sandy beaches and chill. The natives in Mauritius are very welcoming in general and their cuisine is a mix of dishes from different parts of the world that will immediately make you comfortable and feel at home.

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Thailand is by far the most looked after destination whenever it gets to honeymoons, since this country has a remarkable landscape that caters to the dreams of couples. With wonderfully serene islands, sandy beaches, and luxury beachside resorts, tasty food and an exciting night life, it's guaranteed to knock out the romantic aspect of everyone.

Go on a four-island walk, Phuket, Pattaya, Phi-Phi, Hua Hin, enjoy water sports, party hard with lively night clubs, watch the popular lady-boy shows and enjoy a bunch of revitalizing spa and massage treats. Visit the wonderful Buddha temple and the spectacular Namuang waterfalls on the island of Koh Samui. Bangkok is the core of Thailand and a must-see fascinating city, visiting majestic palaces and water markets here. Have a pleasant stay and a connection with your partner from the watchful eyes of family and friends! Thailand, overall, is a very attractive location while at the same time economical for couples.

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Sri Lanka is amongst the most magnificent locations on earth, where you can enjoy some bonding time with your better half. The pearl-shaped island is the ideal site for a beach honeymoon and ensures a fantastic start to their wedding life. If you have a fascination for wildlife and exploring ancient holy places, Sri Lanka may be a spot for you. Further than the rolling waves and nearly innumerable beaches, you'll discover elephant sanctuaries and busy markets, decaying temples and green tea farms – everything you want for a honeymoon that blends comfort and thrill.

Gobble up enduring colonial vibes in the bustling city of Colombo or enjoy a legendary train ride to the picturesque hill village of Ella, whereby wonderment lookout points offer a spectacular view of the country's scenic valleys. Round it all off by a drive to one of several Ayurvedic spas which can be seen here and help relax any existing worries with traditions.

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Graced with lights, smooth sand, surrounded by blue-green seas, spectacular mountains and ancient ruins, Malaysia is a perfect dream honeymoon destination. It is a culturally vibrant country, richly blended with modern-day elegance – with all the flavorings for a dream honeymoon. Relax on the magnificent beaches, try some of Malaysia's popular delicacies and enjoy some thrilling adventures to feel the charisma of this place.

Malaysia's vast landscape provides a range of activities like island hopping, trekking or sightseeing in the capital of Kuala Lumpur or quaint towns like Penang. Enjoy amazing diving as well as a range of intriguing sights and luxurious resorts in Langkawi. For couples looking for fun, exoticism and breath-taking natural scenery, Borneo is the ideal destination. Keen scuba divers can't miss a dive on Sipadan Island, known to be the best dive spot in the world and ferociously secure. Create a memory that you will remember forever by planning an impressive honeymoon in Malaysia.

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