Travel Insurance

Who doesn’t love to travel, but when it comes to travelling, the huge risk is involved as you are going to a place where you do not know anybody and the place is completely new for you. In fact, while you travel, you might fall sick in between, and in some cases, the situation is that serious, that you might have to pay huge bills. Also, there are some other miss happenings like losing your luggage or any documents which can happen to anybody and can ruin your entire trip. When you plan a trip alone or with family, you have to be prepared for all such issues and hence the best option to keep a back up and prevent yourself is, go for travel insurance, this makes your travel without any worry.

Travel Insurance Packs

There are many packages available for your travel insurance, be it your individual travel or you are travelling with your family, Firows Travel is here to assist you with the best possible travel insurance options. We are the most trusted organization for your travel needs, and with us, you can travel risk free. So if you are also planning a vacation and looking for an Individual Travel Insurance in Sri Lanka, contact us now.


A travel insurance is one of the first thing a traveller should do, once their plan for the travel is fixed, especially to a place they are not familiar with. Yes, you can get an Individual Travel Insurance in Sri Lanka with Firows Travels as your travel partner.

Well getting insurance is always a beneficial thing to do; people get life insurance, medical insurance, car insurance, they are all important; similarly, travel insurance is a useful thing to do if you are travelling to a country that you are not familiar with. The world is not a safe place, you could miss your flight, lose your luggage, or many other unpleasant experiences you may face on your travel. With travel insurance, you can put all those worries to rest and have a peace of mind on your trip.

Firows Travels is the only name you should concern with when thinking about getting a travel insurance; with a comprehensive range of travel insurances offered at a reasonable price, no one can provide you with a better companionship.

Travel Insurance